People who are looking for new DVD releases and movies for kids are sure to enjoy the Snow Queen. This is a modern remake of a classic tale that the whole family are sure to love. One of the things that make this such a good movie for families is that adults are sure to member reading the story as children, while for the kids it is a fresh and vibrant tale that really puts them in the405SnowQueen heart of the action.

The Snow Queen was recently released by BBC Home Entertainment and tells the story of an evil queen who has covered the world with snow and ice to cool human emotions. She sets out on a mission to destroy art and remove joy and happiness from the world. However, the Snow Queen discovered that the master glass-maker Vegard can create magic mirrors that reflect the soul of anyone who looks into them.

To put an end to the potential threat against her, the Snow Queen sends a polar wind to snatch Vegard and his wife Una. Before they are taken, Vegard and Una manage to hide their children Gerda and Kai. As the boy Kai and the girl Gerda grow up, the Snow Queen becomes afraid that Kai may also have the power to create a mirror that will reflect her soul and put an end to her frosty reign. She kidnaps Kai and holds him prisoner in her palace, forcing Gerda to embark on an epic journey to find her brother and break the curse of the Snow Queen.

The latest remake of the snow Queen has been created as a colorful animation that people of all ages are sure to love. it has been rated PG and features an enchanting musical score that fits perfectly with the flawless animation and interesting story. The plot of the Snow Queen is intricate enough to keep adults interested, while even very young children will be able to follow the story.