People who like to be creative are no longer confined to using traditional media such as paint and paper. The iPad features a number of excellent apps that can help artists to be creative and transform their work into pictures that truly inspire. Here are a few of the leading iPad apps for art lovers.

SketchBook Pro

This handy app is ideal for digital artists and contains a wide range of easy to use features such as digital pens, markers and airbrushes. The app also connects to Dropbox, which allows artists to transfer and share their work quickly and easily.


This professional drawing app offers high quality performance and comes complete with drawing lessons that are aimed at beginners as well as those who want to pick up a few extra skills. Users can choose from different canvas sizes, tools and a whole host of other options to create the perfect drawing every time.

Drawing Papple-ipad-brush-stylus_largead

This app is exceptionally user-friendly and is great for creating fun doodles. Users can store their work in a special album to work on later and share when they are ready.

LiveSketch HD

This impressive add helps sketch artists to add a new dimension to their work. In addition to the usual sketch functions, this app also features a number of surprising options that makes it a cut above the rest.


iDraw was one of the first artistic apps to be created for the iPad and still holds its place among the best. The wide range of features that come with iDraw make it ideal for a wide range of different types of drawing, although this app particularly excels when it comes to creating technical illustrations.

Inspire Pro

As the name suggests, Inspire Pro is intended to inspire artists and help their ideas come to life. The app is ideal for use in creating detailed and realistic graphic art and offers laser-sharp graphics as well as a wide range of different brushes, blending options and effects to choose from.